About Us

What is Gaticão?

The story of Gaticão is made of stories created in Aveiro, Portugal, since 2004.

Those of the animals who stay with us

And those of the families that are happier for having a pet from the Association.

While our animals wait for their forever family that will make them happy, we take care of them and give them everything they need: food, water, shelter, medical care, and most of all, Love.

We do fund-raising activities not only for food but also goods in order to guarantee the proper medical care, cleanliness and maintenance of our installations.

We count on you to take this responsability that we consider should be of all of us for a more conscious society.

Our Story

Gaticão is a non profit association created on 14th of October 2004. Even before it's official creation, the founding members were already dedicated to the protection and receiving of abandoned animals of Vagos' county.

In 2006, in collaboration with the Municipality of Vagos a protocol was settled for the concession of the current site, where today we have our shelter. We have in our care over more than 200 animals, being them dogs and cats, which we look towards a responsible adoption.

Our mission is to protect abandoned animals and find a responsible owner.

We make sure to give our animals the best livelihood conditions possible. All of them are "chipped" and vaccinated against rabies. We have a strick spaying policy in order to guarantee the reduction of animal population. In the most recent years, we have developed several educational and awareness activities in collaboration with the community of the municipality, particulary through community work, hosting activities in schools, other associations and promoting social re-insertion.

We are certain that the journey is long and therefore we count on your help!

Our Manifesto

During meal times, we are here.

During walk times, we are here.

When in need for veterinary care, hiding the medicine in the food and even when the pills are spat out, we're here.

In time of cleaning the shelters, we're here. And when in need of building them, we are still here.

We're here when we have to say goodbay.

We're here when we have to say welcome. And even if tired, we're still here.

We believe that the streets are no place for pets. Hence, we're here to find them a new family.

We believe that the world can be a better place for humans. Therefore, we're here to find you your best friend and companion.

For all of this, we're here.